Courage, Integrity, Faith, Victory

If you are like me, you got a good laugh out of the announcement that there would be yet another installment in the “Rocky” movies. The upcoming “Rocky Balboa” would bring the total to six. But a few weeks ago, my friend Gabe tipped me off to a web site that has me rather interested in this film. I figured I would share it with you as well. The site is called “” and is designed to “utilize the film as a teaching, preaching or outreach opportunity”.

There are a ton of resources available at the site (hence the name) for your church or small group. Gabe was actually a part of a nationwide conference call with Sly Stallone himself! From what I understand, it is his desire to see this film used in a special way. Below is a trailer for the upcoming film. There is an even better one at the Rocky site here.

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