What You're Holding

dad4.JPGOn day 2 of “40 Days of Hope” from Max Lucado’s3:16” Max speaks directly of Mary as she held Jesus after his birth (“Mary Cradles God”). The image in this post came directly to my mind. This was taken after the birth of our first child. I remember it like it was yesterday. Looking at this small gift that had the entire world ahead of him. I wondered what he would be like. I hoped I could teach him to avoid my mistakes and give him the wisdom to know better. I never knew he would be what he is today. I never knew the pride I would already have in this little child.

I wonder if Mary had any idea what she was holding that night. While the angels told her who he was, I wonder if she could even imagine what this baby would do for this world. I wonder if she realized that his tiny hands would build, teach, heal and ultimately hold the nails.

God So Love The World” by Hillsong

Tomorrow – “Joseph, Caught In The Middle”

4 thoughts on “What You're Holding

  1. What your post ultimately reminds me of is this.

    But Mary treasured up all these words, pondering in her heart what they might mean. Luke 2:19

    When all these things were being said in front of her in the manger, she was trying to put it all together from the moment Gabriel came to her. God had shown favor in her. That was a big deal for her. It meant alot to be shown favor by God in Mary’s day. And through her faith that “impressed” God, we all get favor through His son, brought into this world by her.

    I would say that if you have pride in your son, you have shown favor in him as well. That’s a big deal for you, and him; through faith.

  2. Do we ever really know what we have, how blessed we are, how many times he’s saved us from peril?? Our minds are so small and our vision so limited.

  3. I wrote about the same wonder last year in a post – http://tikkiro.wordpress.com/2006/12/15/incredible-incarnation/ . In it I talked about the song “Mary did you know…” which never fails to bring me to tears when I contemplate the marvellous awesome recognition of her role but I still totally disagree with the Catholic Church venerating her as to be God herself – capable of forgiving sins or somehow having any persuasion as to who God does forgive – she was still a sinner like the rest of us, and she knew it. But she also was truly blessed amongst women for evermore and I am grateful to all of those throughout biblical history who heard His voice and heeded His call on their lives, so that our lives would be as rich as they are. Blessings, TKR. 🙂

  4. a baby is only the begining of something new and just like a seed it must die for what it is to be revealed. Growing is the death process slowly revealing what the seed was encoded with.

    I think this is exactly what Jesus was and is. He came as a seed and died for the human race and what we will be is just a bud and we are yet to grasp what it is. And like a growing plant we will comprehend it all eventually.


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