Everything to Me

Hey, it’s not even 2008 yet and I was hit with at least 3 “surely you can change something” moments this morning! Just for kicks and giggles, I typed surelywecanchange.com into the address bar and it seems that someone else has the same idea. I hope to have a page added to the blog soon for “Surely We Can Change Something” opportunities which will be a growing list.

In the meantime, I missed this by a month, but November was “National Adoption Month”. I didn’t realize that until I hit Mark Schultz web site this morning. Take a moment and read through the letters to Mark at this link from people that heard his song. Surely they DID change something! Enjoy this incredible song and video from Mark Schultz for the song “Everything to Me“.

*Special note – Mark Schultz writes this from personal experience as he was adopted as a child. For more of a look “behind the music” on this song, check it out at this link.

5 thoughts on “Everything to Me

  1. Tears have flowed down my cheeks as I have just listenend to such a powerful song. I worked a few aoption cases as a social worker. I worked in the county where the West Virginia State Fair was located. One year it was just to much. A girl was trying to sell her infant baby for drugs. We were able to remove the child immediately and the child was later adopted by a wonderful family. It is so important that we support groups that help individuals make these hard decisions.

  2. Great guy, who I don’t think, has written a bad song. I am trying to get this blog thing going, but I am such a rookie. See if you can check it out at caterpillarthoughts.wordpress.com. Not sure if I am doing everything right, and I have a lot to learn. Any tips you want to provide would be great.


  3. Mary – I never thought about that, but you have had the opportunity to witness “Surely we can change something” firsthand. I bet you will never know (this side of heaven) the impact you made in those lives.

    E-Ley! You are officially in the WordPress family. Love the title and the focus of the blog. Can’t wait to watch the transformation. Be happy to offer any tips I can. Welcome to the fold!

  4. K, thanks for the cry today. This is beautiful. I have an aunt who is adopted and I hope she feels this way…as I love her as if she was blood. She is my aunt through and through. We’ve often thought of adoption as an option down the road, if we can’t have another one biologically. Thanks for this video today. Great inspiration!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope I can stay up with everything and make it a quality venture. Hope all is well with you and yours.

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