Parental Wisdom

I just told my 7 year old the following:

“If you want to do what you want to do today, then I suggest that you do what you know you should”. -me

What? No sooner did it come out of my mouth then  I realized that I’m not sure I even understood what I meant. Did I mention the little person I said it to was 7 years old?? I think I know what I meant and he didn’t really react so maybe he did too.

Or not…

3 thoughts on “Parental Wisdom

  1. Ha-ha. Thanks Rindy. I’m not sure it worked because the point I was trying to make wasn’t carried out. It was one of those moments that Bill Cosby called “Brain Damage”. I think we parents get it too. It’s like when you call one of your children the name of another child even though you know that’s not their name.

    It just came out in a ramble. I’m still trying to figure it out 🙂

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