Tar Heel Obsession Tour

I’m warning you all, this is just the beginning. The 2008-2009 Tar Heel schedule is out which means my pre-season planning has begun. I’m already looking at things in the house I can sell to obtain tickets to some all of these games. Not really, but a second mortgage hasn’t been ruled out yet. Some of the dates that caught my eye are…

October 24th – Official first practice

November 18th – vs. Kentucky in the Dean Dome (That’s for you Mary)

December 3rd – Ford Field vs. Michigan State

December 20th – vs. Valparaiso @ the United Center in Chicago (Early Christmas gift?)

Feb 11th – @ Dook (My crib or yours Korbini?)

March 8th – vs. Dook at the Dean Dome. (no choice this time..my crib!)

The ACC tournament is in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta (March 12-15). Looks like it’s “Hotlanta” for Spring Break this year. The NCAA tourney will make stops in Dayton and Indianapolis. We’ll cap it all off with a return trip to Ford Field for the Final Four. Here’s the best part, every game is televised (Fox Sports South) and 28 of them are on National TV. Love it!

Much, much, much more to come. For now, I’m off to get Fox Sports South added to the cable and start collecting change for the Tar Heel Obsession Tour 2008-2009.

3 thoughts on “Tar Heel Obsession Tour

  1. My crib or yours…. depends on if you sell that house of yours by then… Gosh, the two losses to DOOOK this year are really ganna sting with so much returning…

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